Kids ‘N Creatures To Fill Downtown Boca When The Gumbo Limbo Nature Center Brings Wildlife To The Kids Eco-Zone At Wyland Living Green Fair

Updated 11/1/2010

Turtles, Snakes, And Serpents…Oh my!!

The Gumbo Limbo Nature Center will be bringing slithering, crawling, and slow-moving creatures to the Kids Eco-Zone at the Wyland Living Green Fair (WLGF) set to blanket areas of Downtown Boca on Saturday and Sunday, November 6-7, 2010.  Animal-crazy kids will have the opportunity to be hands-on and up-close and personal with wildlife from Gumbo Limbo to learn why they are so important to the eco-system.

In addition, Kids Eco-Zone visitors can participate in other scheduled activities such as art projects, planting of seedlings, games and entertainment, while learning about Florida’s tunneling turtle, the Gopher Tortoise and the importance of their existence for other species.   Gumbo Limbo’s Marine Conservationist, Dr. Kirt Rusenko will share why Sea Turtles dig in the dark and simple steps to help reduce light pollution and protect the sea turtles.  Children will also be able to meet Monty the Python, Gumbo Limbo’s resident ball python, and learn why snakes may make you squirmy, and why they are slimy.

The Kids Eco-Zone is just one part of what South Floridians can experience at the 2010 Wyland Living Green Fair ( that will bring together art, community involvement, and awareness to teach individuals, families and businesses how easily they can go green in just a few simple steps, do better for the Earth and live a higher quality of lifestyle.  This is done through participation by engaging the audience through an array of entertaining interactive experiences, product showcases, unique exhibitions, stage performances, cooking demonstrations, Wyland Mobile Learning Center, Wyland’s Extreme Water Maze, mural painting with Wyland, movies, live entertainment, and a host of other activities. 

Visitors can also get outside the “Zone” and join a variety of other fair activities in which they can:

  • Get the chance to meet and paint with Wyland to create a new original 50-foot mural each day
  • Tour the Wyland art exhibition on display at the Boca Raton Museum of Art– WYLAND – Art and Conservation: In conjunction with the Wyland Living Green Fair, the Boca Raton Museum of Art will present a focus exhibition of Wyland artwork from October 11th to November 7th in its street level window gallery. The exhibition will consist of 23 works of art illustrating Wyland’s most iconic subjects: the ocean, its sea life, endangered wildlife, and whales.  The exhibition will include original oil paintings, watercolors, Sumi-e ink and wash paintings, photography, limited edition graphics and two monumental bronze sculptures all by Wyland.  In collaboration with the Wyland Living Green Fair, admission to the Boca Raton Museum of Art will be free throughout the fair weekend.
  • View a series of 10-foot eco-themed murals designed and painted by South Florida school children
  • Visit the Wyland’s Clean Water Mobile Learning Center-A 1,000-square-foot biodiesel powered science museum on wheels that educates the public about water conservation in a fun entertaining way.  The Learning Center includes a 40-person movie theater, a running river, video microscopes, a watershed exhibit with actual rainfall and many other activities that create a unique and family oriented “Green” environment for all people to experience.
  • Transform into a drop of water in Wyland’s Water’s Extreme Journey Maze-The entire family can discover the miracle of water, while getting lost in this highly interactive, stunningly visual giant Wyland-designed maze.  This exhibition combines the worlds of art and science to demonstrate the importance of water and how it connects us all. Wyland’s themed maze game transforms visitors into a drop of water entering a watershed, sending them on a journey through different watershed habitats including lakes, streams, rivers, wetlands, estuaries, bays, and oceans. Along the way they must navigate Non-Point Source Pollutants originating from agriculture, development, litter, and our homes. Visitors will learn how to make cleaner choices and will reach the reward of a healthy ocean. This fully interactive maze experience incorporates play, scientific inquiry, art and action along with five additional activities located just outside the maze, including: hands-on water quality testing, a watershed demonstration, art-in-action letter writing, artistic mosaic collaboration, and clean water commitment pledges. Through exploration, scientific inquiry, artistic expression, and action, visitors will experience the water cycle, understand the science behind water purity, and realize the power each individual has to make a difference.
  • Learn how the Grand Canyon was formed
  • Watch popcorn being made from the sun
  • Explore the Kids Eco-Zone that will feature Gumbo Limbo nature exhibits and scheduled activities to include art projects, planting of seedlings, games, entertainers, etc.
  • Meet and get tips from the Lazy Environmentalist Josh Dorfman on how to Live Your Best and, Yes, Laziest Green Lifestyle, demonstrating how it is easier, more affordable and stylish than ever before to live and work according to your environmental valuesEnvironmental television host, radio personality, author and CEO Dorfman will be signing his books at the Kohler Discovery Center.
  • Learn about the latest hybrid, electric and alternative fuel vehicles, bikes, skateboards via showcases/demos
  • Learn recipes from the Cooking Stage featuring a full eco-friendly kitchen for frequent “green” recipe demos by local chefs with tastings; including 16-year-old chef Jeremy Salamon of, showing youth how to cook using organic foods and fixings.  Jeremy is a junior at West Boca High School’s Culinary Academy in Boca Raton, a program within the school featuring a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen with four years of culinary training and teaching students about the food service industry in addition to preparing those that choose, like Jeremy, to continue their culinary education afterward.
  • Get their taste buds going at the “Green” Food Court showcasing local restaurants selling organic/natural foods
  • Enjoy live entertainment throughout the day
  • Meet Disney Channel and Radio Disney eco-conscious teen stars Anna Margaret, Jasmine Sagginario, and Ryan Newman at an “up close and personal” autograph signing session (opening day Sat., Nov. 6th at 1 p.m.)
  • Preview organic fashions at an eco-friendly fashion show hosted by Radio Disney teen star Ryan Newman (opening day Sat., Nov. 6th at 2:30 p.m.)
  • Help “Rock The Planet” at a special Anna Margaret benefit concert with Jasmine Sagginario; tickets are $12 general admission (purchase at with a portion of proceeds to benefit the Wyland Foundation. (opening day Sat., Nov. 6th at 4:30 p.m.)
  • Take the Wyland Living Green Fair Clean Water Pledge, a collaboration with the Miami Dolphins, with chances to win Miami Dolphins game tickets, dinners for two, signed art by Wyland, etc. 
  • Enjoy the Deliciously Green VIP “After Party” on November 6th at the close of opening day at the Wyland Living Green Fair as Caruso Ristorante, 4th Generation Market, Table 42 Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar, Jake’s Stone Crab and Rustic Cellar join together to roll out the “green carpet” at Royal Palm Place to benefit two local non-profits South Florida Green Drinks and the Wyland Foundation.  The event sponsored by Royal Palm Place and, guides guests through Royal Palm Place where they will sample green food selections, wines, and specialty drinks at each restaurant.  VIP guests can then continue their dining experience on their own at one of the participating restaurants offering exclusive dinner specials for Deliciously Green VIP “After Party” attendees.

The WLGF is hosted by the City of Boca Raton and Downtown Boca, with title sponsor Wyland, educational outreach sponsor JM Family Enterprises, Inc., official banking sponsor PNC Bank, official hotel sponsor Boca Raton Resort & Club, joined by such sponsors  as Kohler, Office Depot, Toyota: Southeast Toyota Distributors, LLC,  and partners that include Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton Museum of Art, and more. 

 For more information on the Wyland Mobile Learning Center,  the Wyland Living Green Fair event and exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities, visit, follow the fair at  twitter/green_fair, friend the fair on Facebook, contact us at or call 561-241-7309.

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